Arevocom Billing and Customer Service

Arevocom Billing and Customer Service platform is designed according to 3G and further mobile standards recommendations driven by 4G requirement. Proposed platform can handle voice/SMS/data/value added/financial services rating,charging, account balance updates and billing. It covers session control, tariff handling and rating and user accounts storage and credit control. As final stage of the processing it can produce multi-tenant invoices. To ensure full support of operational process it provides also:

  • Customer Care and Self Care interfaces to manage customers and partners,
  • Resource management database to keep track of resources, contracts and other persistent customer related data
  • Provisioning middleware platform to cover integration of external and internal modules and workflow between those
  • Reporting functionality

Platform is offered in SaaS model to minimise investment required to launch B-OSS operations.

Platform architecture and solution design

Overall solution architecture as is shown on the diagram below:


The solution is build using modular architecture of components which are designed to allow easy and cost effective deployment of the BSS platform modules. Internally it utilizes JAIN SLEE architecture enabling real-time processing of events which are being passed with exceptional robustness and performance. Green elements are part of the customer infrastructure, while blue are part of Arevocom Billing and Customer Service platform elements. To ensure flexibility, externally integrated or communicating modules are interconnected via Diameter interfaces allowing easy, robust and fast communication real-time. This design allows us to easily interconnect additional event sources, rating components or account management components. It allows easy integration of real-time charging and payment interfaces. Internally where no special interfacing is required platform elements and blocks are using Java and REST APIs.


For more details please contact Arevocom.